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Hobbies & Crafts:

  • Paper Craft - Paper Craft is a webring of artists, sculptors, and suppliers of handmade paper and parchment, and websites about making your own paper or parchment. Their websites provide valuable information, lessons, photographs of handmade paper examples, and even pr
  • Plastic Canvas Haven - Must pertain to creating plastic canvas items. No trading of copyrighted materials/patterns. No blatant sales sites (ie: here's a pattern or two, but join this online scheme to make money). No off-topic discussions please.
  • Quilt Guild - This is a Ring of Quilt Guilds and Associations. This will permit a community of guilds to form and discuss issues relating to guilds, guild shows and other guild programs and activities
  • Stitch Witch Webring For Crafty Folk - A webring devoted to showcasing designers and merchants of arts and crafts with a Pagan theme.
  • Tatunka-Oyate - Native American Arts & Crafts, Ribbon Shirts, Heshi Bead Necklace's, Beadwork, Art Prints, Mirabal & Native Spirit Circle Links, much more...
  • Teddy Bears Ring! - The successor to the "ring of teddy bears" run by RingSurf.com, which has become unmanageable!
  • The BeadThing Ring - This WebRing is a Beader's Dream! It is a collective of Bead Crazy! people whose pages involve beading, making beads, selling beads, bead jewelry, bead galleries, bead artisans... ...basically ANYTHING to do with BEADS, BEADERS or BEADING! Bead Crazy? We
  • The Busy Hands Craft Group - We are a group of crafters from all over that love what we do and want to make our crafts available to all for their purchase and enjoyment.
  • The Creative Hobbies WebRing - All websites with creative, inventive and unique hobby & craft solutions, ideas and supplies are Welcome. Fabulous site for the hobby enthusiasts. All sites are monitored for their content and quality, so they are ALL worth checking out. Welcome.
  • The Hobby Ring ! - This is the webring for anyone who has a section of their website dedicated to hobbies and such! What kind of hobbies? Any kind! From collecting R/C toys to collecting anime mangas! If it's your hobby, then this is the place for you!
  • The Hobby Shop - A family friendly Web Ring that is for anything that would be considerd a Hobby or Craft site. Show off your hobbies web page and increase your web traffic by listing it here in The Hobby Shop Web Ring. Commercial sites will be allowed as long as it is he
  • World Of Creativity - Creative and innovative websites from all art disciplines.
  • Wreath Lovers - Websites showing wreaths are welcome in this website. They may simply show your creative work or they may be for sale.

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