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Welcome to WebRingo, a place for sharing and linking related web sites!

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Entertainment & Arts:

  • Comedy Favorites - Got a site about a favorite comedian or comedy team? Got a site about a favorite sitcom? Got a site with great clean jokes? Come on over and have some fun!
  • Creative Writers - Writers; who write for their own pleasure or to support themselves. All kinds of writing is accepted
  • Dance - A place for websites about dancers and dancing. all styles are welcome
  • Dance And Fitness - Dance and Fitness issues, flamenco, modern, ballet, belly dancing, country dance, line dancing, traditional dances, dance halls, dance health, health related illnesses, body training, C.I.Training, anorexia, breathing techniques, dance choreography.
  • Dancing For Joy - The web ring for those who LOVE Ballet.
  • Divine Bette Midler - The Divine Bette Midler has her home on the web through our many webpages discovering her! Listed here are some of the pages dedicated to her amazing talents and many triumphs. Bette Midler - she's HIP, She's Beautiful, she's our songbird!
  • For Your Amusement - A great place for sites containing information, articles, photos, graphics, etc. about circuses, carnivals, fairs, festivals and amusement parks.
  • French Entertainment - The French Entertainment Ring. The movies, music, literature, art, theater, television of France, the cultural heart of Europe. Cinema stars, actors, actresses, celebrities, directors, classic films, cult masterpieces.
  • Greatest Horror Films World Wide - From the early silent films to present day. From dramas, to comedies, to musicals. All forms of horror films are welcome here. You'll also find photos, bios on horror film stars, and much more.
  • Hard-Boiled Noir - All things noir ... movie, television, music, novels, short stories, especially the hard-boiled works of: Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, James Cain, Ross Macdonald, etc.
  • Heroines Unlimited - Heroines Unlimited is a webring for sites that concern fictional heroines of all genres and mediums, such as comic books, anime, tv, movies, and books. The main focus is on those characters which stand out in the mainly male world of superheros, villains, and generally inspirational and/or cool characters
  • Imaginative Art - Creative, strangely compelling, imaginative, experimental art works of all kinds. Fantasy, Visionary, Parody, Cultural, Outsider and beyond! Cartoon paintings, Album covers, sculpture, you name it
  • Jodie Foster - This ring is simply dedicated to the best actress in the world: Jodie Foster! Offers websites providing pictures, collectibles, fan pages and information about her movies and television shows.
  • John Travolta - This ring is for all John Travolta fansites or sites about Welcome Back Kotter or any of John's movies.
  • Julie Andrews - A place for sites that are devoted Julie Andrews.
  • Kevin Costner - A place dedicated to the most talented actor in showbiz today: Kevin Costner. If you have a page for this great performer, you will definitely want to join!!!
  • Literature - This ring will host any websites devoted to almost any work of literature including Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or just books in general. Websites have message boards, polls, information, or anything else relating to almost any book.
  • Michael J. Fox - Join The Michael J. Fox ring - Quality resources from around the globe about Michael J. Fox.
  • Mystery Heaven - For writers and readers and film goers, all things related to the art of mystery fiction.
  • Mystery Lovers - A place for mystery lovers everywhere. You'll find sites on books, authors, movies, TV shows and much more.

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