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  • 'Circus is for Ever!' - The Ring is an inter-connected list of sites related to CIRCUS . Each site displays a navigation code, Inserted By the Owner of the Site, which is used to move between sites. The ring contains both personal and commercial sites. Your page/site must be re
  • 221B Baker St. - This ring is for all sites and pages having anything about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, or Dr. Watson. And that includes the books, movies, games, etc.
  • Blue Topaz - Creations of Poetry & Other Writings.
  • Creative Writers - Writers; who write for their own pleasure or to support themselves. All kinds of writing is accepted
  • Dancing For Joy - The web ring for those who LOVE Ballet
  • Divine Inspiration - This is a ring made up of people who enjoy arts - any types of arts. These are sites of people who draw, write, design, or are creative in any way.
  • Ghosts - A place for all things ghostly, ghost stories, films, towns, pictures, graphics and much more.
  • James Joyce - A webring dedicated to James Joyce, his life, and his writings
  • Musical Theatre Performers - The Musical Theatre Performers ring links sites which are dedicated to performers in theatre musicals. This includes on- and off-Broadway, regional musicals, and international musical theatre performers.
  • Mystery Lovers - A place for mystery lovers everywhere. You'll find sites on books, authors, movies, TV shows and much more.
  • News! - A place for sites that contain information on the news. Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, News Reporters, Journalists, Blogs, etc..
  • Paper Voices - Paper Voices is made up of quality, creative sites. Any kind of literary or artistic (wall art) creativity. In other words, if you can say it on paper, you'll find it here.
  • Poetry Cafe - A place to put any site with any kind of poems. Come and join.
  • Quips & Quotes - Do you collect quotes? If your site has quips and quotes of famous or not so famous people come join this ring. Please, no porn or racial hate. This is a family safe ring.
  • Realmscape - Realmscape is geared toward those whose site pages contain creative writing and/or spiritual expression. This ring is meant for personal homepages and for people who like to write and express themselves.
  • Reminisced Dreams - This ring is for all writers, particularly those who use the written word to translate their own experiences, memories, dreams, and aspirations into the crafts of storytelling and narrative poetry.
  • Revisited Sunsets - If your site is related to or contains poetry, creative writing or any other form of artistic expression, we want YOU!
  • The Jackpine Writers' Ring - This ring is for those who love, live and crave to write, whether they have little time or all the time in the world. Any person of any race or gender is welcome into our group. So, please, pull up a chair and bring your writing along to share!
  • The Perry Mason Ring - This ring is for all Perry Mason fans. If you have a site or page about perry mason, Erle Stanley Gardner or any of the books or movies, join now.
  • The Rat Pack Ring - This ring is for all sites dedicated to the Rat Pack or to any of its members. From Bogart & Bacall to Sinatra, Martin and Davis. Fan sites, photos, biographies, etc. are all welcome.

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