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Culture & Society:

  • A Red Road - A webring where native americans can share their art, music, poems, stories, prayers, and cultures. Our members follow the Red Road and do it with respect and in honor of their peoples.
  • All Nations - A ring of sites and pages for, by, and about American Indians, of all nations; offering a continuous link of American Indian history, culture, entertainment, and information.
  • Always Victorian - A Webring For Anyone Who Loves The Victorian Era. Victorian Graphics are welcome. Both women and gentlemen can join!!
  • Ancient Civilizations of the Americas - These websites provide valuable information on the American Indian Mound Builders, Archaeology of the Americas, and Native American Culture. They seek to correct the misconceptions about Native Americans and their civilizations
  • Chippewa - Boozhoo Ahnee, This WebRing is very important for those who are of Chippewa, Ojibwa, Anishinabe (Anish) desent. All we ask is that your site have content pertainant to the Anishnabek. foods recipies, traditional clothing, arts crafts, stories, etc.
  • Choctaw Nations - The webring contains sites which present Choctaw heritage. These websites pertain to our People past or present, and are child friendly. Chata sia hoke.
  • Country At Heart - A place for country living, cooking, crafts, art and much more.
  • Country Life - A place for all those who are country at heart. A place for recipes, crafts, gardening, life in the country, pictures, animals, nature, etc.
  • Countryside Pursuits - This ring is for anyone who loves animals, nature, country living, cooking and gardening.
  • Cozy Cottage - Hi and Welcome To Cozy Cottage Do you love the aromas of Grandma's kitchen, sitting by the fireplace on a cold day wrapped in a quilt with your favorite book, then join Cozy Cottage. Sharing Friendships over the web.
  • Dark Angels - A ring of dark poets and gothic artists. We are the seraphim of the shadows...
  • Dark Chamber - A ring for sites with goth tales, artists of mysterious and haunting images, poets of intimidating verses.
  • Dark Somber - This webring is for sites that have fantasy, fairies, poetry, vampires, anarchy, gothic material, or anything dark and somber
  • Delirious - Gothic, dark themed, well designed websites. Pagan, Paranormal, Horror and Halloween pages are all welcome.
  • Dream Wind - A ring for all Native American sites, pages and rings.
  • Everything Runes - Have a site with rune sets for sale, runic info, or just some rune designs. Join here.
  • Folk Traditions - A webring for sites focusing on folklore and cultural traditions around the world.
  • Friends and Family - A ring for all homepages! Come on in and join this ring!!
  • Global Pen Pals - If your site deals with pen pals, postcards, swapping, fbs or anything similar then Join us and be welcome!
  • Gothic Bazaar - An online community for sites with Gothic themes - some of which offer clothes, jewellery, artwork and other things of interest to the dark-at-heart. We invite writers, poets and other kindred spirits to mingle with the merchants.

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