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Culture & Society:

  • !! One For All !! - The one for all webring has a little bit of everything! If you have a website, you can join no matter the subject of your site. The only sites that won't be accepted are adult themed sites and hate related sites etc. I want to have a nice clean ring here!
  • A Casual Ring - This is a ring of well-designed web sites and home pages, any reasonable topic; this ring welcomes children to surf.
  • All Nations - A ring of sites and pages for, by, and about American Indians, of all nations; offering a continuous link of American Indian history, culture, entertainment, and information.
  • Always Victorian - A Webring For Anyone Who Loves The Victorian Era. Victorian Graphics are welcome. Both women and gentlemen can join!!
  • Awesome Hippies - A ring for all hippies, flower children and those who love them! We will even welcome a beatnik or two. Peace love rock n roll!
  • Beautiful Corners - This is a ring of friendship. Spanning from one Beautiful Corner of the world to another.
  • Clown Town - A Ring for sites related to clowns This is the original ring moved from ringsurf
  • Country At Heart - A place for country living, cooking, crafts, art and much more.
  • Country Folk - This one is for all of us country hick web masters. If you love all things country, please join now!!! Please, no porn or racial hate. This is a family safe ring!
  • Country Friends - This ring is to bring all country friends together. Your site doesn't have to be country....just friendly! Only kid/family safe sites are allowed.
  • Cowgirls and Cowboys - Ranches, rodeos and cowgirls and cowboys all in one place!
  • CyberPals - We have webmasters from all over the world who have joined this ring just to share their websites/blogs/page (topics vary) with the web world, all are viewable by all ages.
  • Doing It Solo - A ring for websites of parents raising their children solo.
  • Free Your Mind - This ring has been developed for the Slacker in mind! It is for those of whom who surf the web when their bored, or on their lunch break! No scam sites. No hate sites. No Porn sites.
  • Friends & Family - A ring for all homepages! Come on in and join this ring!!
  • Internet People - A place for people who mingle in cyberspace and have websites that contribute to the Internet in a positive way including blogs, chat, rings, topsites, help sites and various Internet communities
  • Le Funky Friends - For people who just have a site about stuff and want people to see it. And so they can have the satisfaction of knowing that their work is not just being seen by them.
  • Loved Ones Lost - Highlighting the sites and/or pages we have put together for our Loved Ones Lost
  • Net Junkies - A ring to join Net Junkies around the world together.
  • Not Here - Not Happenin - I am not here and this is not really happening - you know the feeling.

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