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Religion & Beliefs:

  • A Psychics' Realm - A place for psychics, numerologists, mediums, tarot readers, professional psychics and those in celestial careers as well as astrology hobbyists - all are welcome to join.
  • Angelic Reflections - This ring is for sites that have any inspiration, angels, miracles, a special talent of some kind, etc...{;}Basically anything BUT No sites with porno, nudity, violence, bad language of ANY kind may join! Child safe web sites ONLY!
  • Angels And Cherubs - A place for all sites with Angels. You'll find angel poetry, graphic, art and so much more.
  • Angels Craving Wings - Angels, or the belief in higher spirits - guardians from the invisible spirit world, have existed within many cultures for thousands of years. The word angel means "messenger." We will find by comparing information concerning angels, that there are varying beliefs; yet the core belief in benevolant spirits existing around all of us is the true common thread within all angelic lore
  • Angels Of Grace - This ring is for noncommercial websites about Heavenly Angels. Please be sure that your website is about God's Angels of Light (no dark angels or fairies will be accepted) and appropriate for family viewing
  • Ascension - Most believers of the simple faith can't enter the Inner Kingdom because they have not yet transformed their body-vessel into a living temple consecrated and set apart for the Lord. Thus it is impossible for them to know the mysteries of God and to dwell
  • Guardian Angels - A special place for angels. We have pictures of angels, angel poetry, angel products for sale ... The main rule is you must love angels.
  • Inspirations - A great place to find inspiration on the Internet. Find inspirational stories and poetry, metaphysical and spiritual chat rooms and forums, philosophical and religious discussions, and more!
  • Interfaith Ring For Peace - The Interfaith Ring For Peace brings together sites from various different religious traditions to support the peace process and the protection of the human rights of individuals of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Into the Realm of Angels - This ring includes the best angelic and spiritual sites! If you have a page that is metaphysical, inspirational, uplifting, or just anything that has something to do about the unseen world, I urge you to join this ring!
  • Messengers Of Light - The Angels have much to teach us if we will listen. Messengers of Light is a ring of sites devoted to sharing messages from the Angels about our world and the meaning of the changes going on around us and within us.
  • Pathways - A place for all spiritual sites. This includes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and all other religions.
  • Prayer Requests - Do you have a prayer request site? Then you belong here. It doesn't matter what religious belief you have. All that's required is a prayer request page or site. This is not about how we pray its about helping others, that's the most important thing!
  • The Sacred Healing Circle - Featuring healers and spiritual teachers from around the world who are devoted to assisting beings on their personal growth journeys. All those wanting to be a part of The Sacred Healing Circle will work from the highest dimensions of sacred spiritual int

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