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Health & Fitness:

  • Bath & Body - Handmade and natural skin care products.
  • Be Breast Cancer Aware - A collection of websites about all aspects of breast cancer. They include websites discussing the importance of early detection, treatments, survivors, walks. If you or someone you know is now dealing with breast cancer, this ring has something for you.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness - A website for any and all people with Breast Cancer who want to learn about breast cancer and share experiences.
  • Burden Shared...... - The ring that brings together Mental Health Support WebSites into one place.
  • Care Giving Ring of Support - We connect sites created for and by family caregivers.
  • Cerebral Palsy and Family Support - This is a ring of opportunities, to get acquainted with people having disabilities and or their families!
  • Dance And Fitness - Dance and Fitness issues, flamenco, modern, ballet, belly dancing, country dance, line dancing, traditional dances, dance halls, dance health, health related illnesses, body training, C.I.Training, anorexia, breathing techniques, dance choreography.
  • Disability Awareness Network - A place to give support and comfort and to provide information on various disabilities. If you have a disability and a homepage you are welcome here. This is a good place to link together and talk about our problems or just offer support to other disabled
  • Hälsa, Träning och Kost - En ring för oss som gillar att hÃ¥lla oss i form eller vill ha tips hur man kommer i form.
  • Keys To Healthy Living - This ring centers around all aspects of healthy living. From health to food and gardening to healthy lifestyles.
  • Lifestyles - A place for websites that help you make healthy lifestyle choices to help you find balance and extend your life. Explore this ring and find what is right for you!
  • Massage & Bodywork Network - A network of sites that relate to massage & bodywork. All the wonderful things found at health spas around the world.
  • Meditation & Relaxation - This ring concentrates on all forms of relaxation such as meditation, stress reduction, yoga, aromatherapy, visualization, deep breathing, hypnosis, progressive muscle relaxation, massage therapy and much more.
  • PMDD, PMS, and Women's Health - A community of websites that discuss PMDD, PMS, and other women's health issues.
  • Self Empowerment - A place for sites that give information on Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, Healing, Health, Metaphysics, Self Empowerment, Counseling, motivational speakers, Self Help, Healers, Hypnosis, and so much more
  • Sweet Dreams - Everything to do with dreams. R.E.M. sleep, dream interpretation & analysis, dream journals, lucid dreaming, symbols in dreams and more!
  • The Green Spirit - A community of like-minded websites with products and information available for the enrichment of body, soul, spirit and environment. If you feel you have a website that fits that description, please accept my invitation to join
  • The Journey to Your Inner Awareness - This ring of sites understands and hopes to be of help in the journey of finding your way home.
  • Women's Serenity - Women's Serenity is a ring devoted to promoting recovery for women. The ring websites give information, inspiration, and support to women and to give them hope that recovery IS possible.

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