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Health & Fitness:

  • Amazing Reiki - Reiki means "Universal Life Energy". This ring introduces you to the concept and Healing benefits of Reiki, as well as offers great resources for those who want to pursue and take advantage of what Reiki has to offer. This ring has been created to share i
  • Aromatic Dreams - A ring for aromatic websites. Helping each other's dreams have scents.
  • Asthma - This Health Issues-Asthma webring consists of websites with information about asthma and/or allergies written from a personal point of view. The information will benefit anyone with either of these life-threatening problems and their care givers.
  • Be Breast Cancer Aware - A collection of websites about all aspects of breast cancer. They include websites discussing the importance of early detection, treatments, survivors, walks. If you or someone you know is now dealing with breast cancer, this ring has something for you.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness - A website for any and all people with Breast Cancer who want to learn about breast cancer and share experiences.
  • Burden Shared...... - The ring that brings together Mental Health Support WebSites into one place.
  • Cancer Awareness - A place for websites about cancer. Blogs, homepages, dedication & memorial pages, poems or just information on a specific type. A showcase of cancer survivors & their Families.
  • Care Giving Ring of Support - We connect sites created for and by family caregivers.
  • Cerebral Palsy and Family Support - This is a ring of opportunities, to get acquainted with people having disabilities and or their families!
  • Chronic Back Pain - Oh, my aching back! Far too many of us suffer from chronic back aches. This webring offers remedies, some traditional medical treatment and some non-traditional treatment. If you are living with chronic back pain, one or more of the treatments listed here
  • Dental Health - This ring is for anyone who has a site, page or ring about dental health. Visit these Dental Health members to find the professional you need and to learn more about dental health.
  • Dental Information and Education - This is a ring for web sites related to dental information and education for patients and dentists. It includes sites providing educational content on dental subjects, dentistry, as well as sites that provide listings / indexes of other dental information or dental educational pages.
  • Dermatology - Advice, services, and skin care products for all skin conditions and ailments.
  • Diabetes - Symptoms and Natural Treatments - Diabetes resources for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Juvenile, Gestational, Mellitus, Hypoglycemia symptoms- alternative natural treatments and food diets that lower high blood sugar. Research information and potential cures
  • Diabetic and Smiling - Dedicated to Diabetics, both Type I and Type II, who are successfully controlling their disease, and for those who are striving to get there. I welcome your personal stories and hope that they will encourage, inspire, and help others to win their own battles
  • Diabetic Care - A place for sites that list and make available information about diabetes for diabetics, loved ones, researchers, and more. We also welcome sites of those who are diabetic or have a family member who is diabetic and wish that share their experiences
  • Disability Awareness Network - A place to give support and comfort and to provide information on various disabilities. If you have a disability and a homepage you are welcome here. This is a good place to link together and talk about our problems or just offer support to other disabled
  • Dreaming the Dreamed - This ring is for dreamers that dream beyond their living construct and sustain themselves within the truth of the immensity that confronts us at every moment that is continually escaping us. Sites include images, poetry and more
  • Dyslexia Health Education Association - This ring was launched in January of 2003. Dyslexia Health Education Association Ring is to educate people on Dyslexia, Health and Education, it is for you whether if you are beginner or professional in the field of Dyslexia, Health, Education.
  • Earth Angels - The webring will consist of suicide memorial sites, sites dedicated to suicide prevention and sites containing information and personal experience with depression, bipolar and other mental disorders.

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