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Author Topic: There is a new member trying to join; there is two problems  (Read 4501 times)


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There is a new member trying to join; there is two problems
« on: December 16, 2012, 09:31:00 AM »
There is a new member trying to join;  Christmas (Web-Ring) Worldwide

There is something wrong with utf-8 and I see that when I view content, you have higher and lower case in the header which is right in HTML5  and that is what you are using. And I can prove you are RIGHT ...

but it still is not working right... ???

Here is the prove that you are doing it right....

The W3C validator requires both an Apache HTTP-header of Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 and a <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> element

You might need to do this?
 You can add a Content-Type HTTP-header with this .htaccess declaration (W3C I18N FAQ again):
 <blockquote> AddType 'text/html; charset=UTF-8' html</blockquote> There was a Ring in Swedish that also had the same problem as well.  And you can prove this yourself

http://www.webringo.com/index.php?viewcat=10  the utf-8 is not working and then...
the go ahead and SEE  http://www.webringo.com/browsering.php?id=42   SEE?  That is CORRECT Swedish!! 
So there is something wrong...

My Christmas page with everything so to Christmas Geha ¶ rt. Recipes, song lyrics, poems, stories, annimierte Gifsammlung and more.

I can read German and the statement says ...

My Christmas page with everything so to Christmas House Recipes, song lyrics, poems, stories, animated Gif Collections and more ...

When I go to http://www.webringo.com/pending.php

   Stats and information for: Sabines WeihnachtszeitSite Description: "private Weihnachtsseite"
Owner notes to you: (none)
Site Added: December 16, 2012
Site Enabled: Yes
Site Hits In/Out: 0/0 (hits may be zero if the site isn't in any other rings)

I can't view ... Sabines Weihnachtszeit

I will ACCEPT for now since this was just recieved but there IS something wrong in the utf-8 / UTF-8
Andy Bakke, RingMaster


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Re: There is a new member trying to join; there is two problems
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2012, 05:26:03 PM »
Thanks ... because this needs to fixed.
Re: Since you are German... and might help ...
   Show Details    From   To    I would be pleased to set up a test ring in German, as we have a "The
ring that includes tips and demos for webringo." already?
Please what is "utf-8" in respect of the web server?

When I put up the http://www.webringo.com/browsering.php?id=55 and key
in "Sabines Weihnachtszeit" Every page appears right

When I put up the webring "Hälsa, Träning och Kost" and key in "Wellnessfight - Träning & Hälsa"
The Headings appear right, and the blog appears right, but the heading in "WebRingo Category Listings" doesn't!

The fact that I have German character set energised on all _browsers_
that I use - MSIE, safari, SeaMonkey, Firefox and Opera - has
something to do with it, possibly!

The obvious is the _changing_ of the "registered name of the ring"
into the "WebRingo Category Listings" will change !"Hälsa, Träning och Kost"
into "Hälsa, Träning och Kost" - (En ring för oss som gillar att hålla....)
and the "name of the Sites in the ring" is correct?

Is that restricted to that "routines" that do the transfer?
Is these "umlaut characters" "double s" (and whatever there is in
Swedish) in the _transfer_ only? ASCII will be ASCII if the character set is not translated!

I unfortunately haven't got "normal" browser ...
But I write &auml; &Auml;, &uuml; etc., in _german_ sites without thinking,
(ä Ä ö Ö ü Ü ß) to prevent this!!!

(I am English, by the way. we have been in Germany since the beginning
of 1975....)
Peter   -----   
Reply to Peter,

It would be great because there is something wrong in the directory itself?  I know it with UTF-8 Character set.

And YES you need (ä Ä ö Ö ü Ü ß)

I got songs names in German ... that might help.  The problem shows in the Directory ...  Auf meinen Berg bin ich König, Blau,blau,blau blüht der Enzian, Die kleine Kneipe in unserer Straße.
Gib mir mein Herz Zurück, Muß i' Denn, Sag dankeschön mit roten Rosen, Schützenliesel
 The beast that I know you DO have a German Ring IN Deutsch ...   
Getting the Ring started will "fix" the problem getting Mike to look at the mess ... 
Just like when the Swedish Ring started ... and it was never fixed. 
http://www.webringo.com/index.php?viewcat=10  And it might never be fixed because
I do not have a email for contact.
I DO have a email to Sabine and she knows about this problem...
Andy Bakke, RingMaster