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October 08, 2017, 02:52:00 AM
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October 23, 2017, 01:39:11 PM

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About Me

I am many people's Bad Boy through being an independent-minded thinker and questioner who sees through people's agendas, obfuscations and pretences to gain understandings of what is really going on. 'Sheep' do not like being recognised as such!

I am a lifelong lover of nature and wild places. That is just one aspect of a deep-seated playful creativity that manifests in a variety of ways, including literary writing, classical music composition, and developing a major website entitled 'Self Realization & Clear-Mindedness', which is uniquely challenging in the way that it cuts right through all the world's belief systems, traditions and disciplines to point to the *real* way forward (without belief or meditation) to gaining the deep understanding of ourselves that we really need.

My Interests

Hiking in wild places

Nature and wild scenery photography

Natural soundscape recording (Sony PCM-D100) - CDs available

Classical music - have composed a major oeuvre, including 10 symphonies

Active promotion of the balanced, healthy, comprehensive means for self-actualization / self-realization that really set us free and resolve life issues in ways that the self-realization traditions generally fail to.

I developed and run five websites covering those activities / pursuits. The Self-Realization & Clear-Mindedness site in particular, because of its very nature and special 'crisis' crash-course page, saves lives on a regular basis.
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