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Suspending Sites within your Rings

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Posted: Sun 24 Jun 2012
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At times you may need to temporarily suspend a specific site from appearing in one of your rings. Note that this is similar to disabling a site in your site list, except that you can suspend any site in a ring you own whether or not it's in your Site List.

Suspending a site from appearing in one of your rings doesn't prevent it from appearing in other rings, even rings you own- it only prevents it from appearing in the specific ring you've suspended it from.

To suspend a specific site from appearing in one of your rings, follow these steps:

- Click the Account Home link in the left side menu, then click on  Manage My Rings.

- In the Manage Rings screen, click the Manage Sites icon and find the site to be suspended.

- Click on the Pause Site icon .  The icon will change to the Site Suspended icon:  .

- The site is now paused and will not appear to people browsing your ring.

- To un-pause the site, click the Site Suspended icon. It will change back to the Pause Site icon and the site will now appear in your ring.

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