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Posted: Sat 23 Jun 2012
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A "ring" (also referred to as a "web ring") is a way to allow people to surf through websites which are related in one way or another or that share a common theme. Users navigate the network ring by clicking on the "next", "previous", or "random" links as found on a ring's navbar (which is displayed somewhere on each of that network's member websites). The idea is that if you continually press the "next" link on the navpanel, you will eventually end up at the website you started from. This is why it is called a "ring".

Each network site is created and maintained by a person known as a Ring Owner or Ringmaster. This person accepts site submissions, validates that the site meets the topic of the network and that the site has installed the network code properly. The ring owner is the sole arbitrator of whether or not a website belongs in that network. After all, it is his or her network, and they set the rules.

The great thing about well run network rings is that they tend to deliver highly targeted visitors to your site. This is because the people surfing the network's ring are actually looking for sites pertaining to the networks's topic.

 Can ring owners customize their rings?

Yes, ring owner can customize their rings however they want. They can also design their ring's navbar in any manner they wish (a design that often reflects the topic of the ring). They also have access to their member's email addresses, control over the design of their ring's homepages, and various other design options within the ring program that powers their ring.

 What specifically can be included in a ring's navbar?

The WebRingo system supports the following navpanel functions:
  • Next Site
  • Previous Site
  • Random Site
  • Ring Home
These links give you a tremendous amount of flexibility and make it easy for surfers to travel around the networked sites and find out about your site. In short, inter-connectivity of rings provide more traffic and a higher number of interested users than simple "link farms" can.

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